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2017 Fall Kickoff This Weekend

By (MPC Staff) David Ridenhour in Metrocrest Presbyterian Church 8 months ago | 414 views Link:

This weekend we begin our ministry year together. With our Summer of Rest coming to a close, it is time to gather together once more as the family of faith and commit ourselves to cultivating our shared life in Christ through study in the Word of God.

This means that all of our Children, Middle School, High School, and Adult 9am classes resume. I hope that you will consider taking that next step if you haven’t before of coming an hour earlier and deepening your knowledge of God’s word and relationships with God’s people.

We will also join together this fall and study the Epistle of James. James is a book that demands careful attention, both in our study of what he says and the implications of what he means. 

Dan Doriani says this (my emphasis added):

James is a beloved epistle, eminently practical and full of vivid exhortations to godly living. The author presents profound counsel on numerous essentials: trials, poverty, riches, justice, speech, worldliness, and prayer. His clarity and prophetic urgency call readers to action, but his assessment of our failures is almost too penetrating, as it exposes our inability to perform what he commands—driving us to the ever-present refuge of the gospel. Yet at the same time James stirs us to action, to the obedience that is a hallmark not of bare external conformity but of living faith: “Be doers of the word, and not hearers only” (1:22).

Daniel M. Doriani, “James,” in Gospel Transformation Bible: English Standard Version, ed. Bryan Chapell and Dane Ortlund (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2013), 1677.

James’ concern for us is life in the present—how we live right now. James is giving us a framework, or as our graphic reminds us, lenses to view the entire world through. 

This weekend, we will feast around God’s Word, and gather and feast around the table of the Lord. We will pray for God’s help, acknowledge our own failures, receive the mercy and grace that is freely offered to us in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and offer intercession on behalf of the world before the throne of grace. 

Now is the time to come and receive what God alone can provide. And as James exhorts, God gives generously because it is his very nature to do so.

Our entire staff, ministry leaders, and volunteers have been working all summer to prepare to kick back up. We have prayed, and continue to pray, that the Spirit of God would mightily be at work among us as a community. I’m excited to begin this journey with you.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Pastor David

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